4As terrific trip to John Rylands library

In 4a we went to a trip to John Rylands library.When we got there we got met by a lady called Lianne .First she showed us The Historical room.Then we came to a room it was called the study room we got to do a workshop. We went there for two reasons one for are topic My Manchester because we went around Manchester and second we went to a library because are english is The Fantastic Flying books of Mr Morris Lessmore.

The Historical room was full of history we saw a lot of books.Some books were english  ,others were written in greek  I  liked that room because history is my favourite things.

Next we went to the Study Room we got to do a workshop .The workshop was about Manchester in the past we got a pack of evidence,a magnifying glass and a map in the evidence pack there were questions .

When we were done we went back to school and  ate are lunch and we started blogging about are trip and this is mine!

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