Stone Age oy Diary

Wednesday 28th January

Dear Diary,

Today  i was streaming into  the  old ,dark and misty  woods   .

  Normally  straners are walking   there  lazy  dogs and cats . Suddenly,  when i wasnt looking  where i was going, i tripped over a large, grey pebble into a dirty, deep hole.

Next, i woke up and i was so, so dizzy. I couldnt even walk properly. however in my world that i came to, it was a bit bare and now i knew i was completely lost.

Then, to my relief, i saw a girl! She didn’t look like any of the girls i’d seen before and i dont think i looked like any of the boys she had seen before.

After that, she took me to her family and i figured out that my new friend’s name was OM. They didn’t have a language, so it was extremely hard to understand her, but she showed me around her camp and they were doing really interesting things!

Anyway, i was starting to feel exhausted, so I ask OM to show me to a bed. It was in a cold, dark cave. I was so tired that i just fell asleep so fast.  that was enough exploring for one day. I wonder what tomorrow will bring…

From Molly


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