Stone age diarys!

Thersday 29 January

Dear diary

Today i was walking or maby strolling thogh the forest thinking to my self were should i go? What should i eat? When suddenly i was not looking were i was gowing and i triped over a lage grey , stone , which i dident notece , and i found my self falling down down and down.

With a coshes toch on the grass i sore a light flash in the sky so, i went towads it. scerd, confused, puzzeld i sore a girl dont laugh at  here she looked wird. But i was used to it. I asked here who are you? puzzeld,shoked,worried she dident have a vosis. I was terryfied. I really needed to get out of here. After a few hours thoght peopel will be here but no it was only us !..

from Haleema !

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