my life in school


First i was in nursery and i was very scary when i started and i started crying for the last 2 weeks.

Then i went in retepiton and i started trying to be good for my behavoir and went to good to be green playtime 98 times in reteption baeacuse i was so good and fantastic on my working…

Next i went to year 1 and went to good to be green 67 times preaty good but not much as 98 times but i did have a great time.

I went in year to with mrs durcan but now she is mrs appleyard and then i was in good to be green 50 times in the middle a bit good.

Later i went in year 3 which was hard for me life with losts of work and in good to be green 37 times not good as high score 98 but i have done well.

Now in year 4 i had mrs corbishly but she left so just like in year2 not mrs durcan mrs appleyard and at least bad news 10 times good to be green so that is the end in year 5 i will do one about my life in school or i might do it in year 6 i wish so that is the end make sure you comment!



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