Home Life
The men built boats and went hunting. They grew flax to make clothes. They grew wheat, rye and barley. They kept cows, sheep and horses. They also practised sword fighting and spear throwing. The women were always busy spinning and weaving. The women cooked and brewed strong beer. The children did not go to school.
They played and learnt skills they would need when they were older.The
he Vikings lived in Britain about 1000 years ago. They were from Norway, aland of mountains and fjords,where the winters were long.

Viking Raiders
The Vikings were raiders and every summer would set off across the seas in their long boats. They would steal anything of value and also take prisoners who would become their slaves. Before they left the villages, they would set them alight.
Life After Death
The Vikings believed in many gods. When they died they were buried with their belongings because they believed in the after life. When wealthy Vikings died they were buried in their warship with all their belongings, for example food and drink, weapons and their animals. Poor people were buried in a big hole in the ground with only a few things to take with them to the after life, for example spindles for weaving and a barrel of milk. If they were honourable and brave they would go to Valhalla, Viking heaven.
Viking Long Boats
The Vikings built long boats. They were narrow with one sail. The front part curved up high into the shape of a bird’s beak or an animal’s head.
The men on board called their ships ‘Dragons’.

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