100 word challenge week 18

“What was that I could feel?” said Emma , as she walked along the dusty path to her friends house. ” knock, knock!” went the brown, wooden door. “Hi!” said Emma’s friend Grace happily. Grace shut the door and went with Emma. “Grace, today I was walking along the path to your house and I felt something.” Emma said suspiciously. ” What was it like?” Grace said. “Umm, like a warm, big hand!” Emma shouted! The two girls walked  along the dusty path back to Emma’s house. The end of the path seemed a bit dark and you could see trees. “That was not there before!” said Emma. Grace looked at Emma and said, ” Emma, are you sure we took the  right path?” “Umm yes I took this path to your house!” Emma said  angrily. The two girls walked through the dark path and came out  in light, but when they looked back it was just a normal path! ” WOW!” the two girls were startled!


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