The Tooth Less dragon is the rarest dragon on earth, there are only 2 out of 400 left .

 Most of the 2 dragon have a small, rose red ordinary fangs (not very sharp) , heart shaped wings , a very small horn on his head he has the horn on his head to protect him from danger and also has the letter r on his for head the letter r on his head means he is rear .They also has very thin skin because he lives in the desert.

Although the dragon does not like to eat dried out spiders and scorpions with sand, he has no choice if he wants to survive they must eat. Tooth Less dragons, who are very rare, also like to eat camels that people come on through the desert. However some other dragons do not like camels and do not like dried out spiders and scorpions.

Some of the Tooth Less dragons live in the desert and   they have to have very thin . Did you know that Tooth Less dragons gather up dirt and dried mud and sleeps on it   ? .  Tooth Less dragons  are  very clever  in every – thing they do , because they have to eat  small   and  most dragons  have big meals .

Amazingly the tooth less dragon can do 2 fantastic thing .Firstly they can  fly  to  space   in 5.2  seconds and  can also make huge sand pits in 10.4 seconds . Did you know not all Tooth Less dragons have the ability to fly ?

As you know that the dragon is called the Tooth L ess dragon . People do not call them by it real name . They call them bolt , because they are very fast  flyers

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