Thunderos Fighter

Thunderos Fighter is a furious, extremley angry dragon.It is one of the most commen dragons in the world.

The thunderos Fighter has the name because it can smash anything to pieces.Masivley,this dragon is giagantic size. petrifiyingly,Thunderos Fighter has a sharp,pointy horn on his nose which can poison anything at all. His eyes are firey,fierce with red dots.

Thunderos Fighter lives in Burk only miniscule or minuet,but after that (when they are three years old) they go to the tropical ireland of Madagascar (they love hot weather).Where every other Thunderos Fighter goes.They have thick skin to protect them from the bolling,hot sun.

Amazingly,these victorious fighters eat chickens and turkeys which they secretly steal from a farm on beautiful island. They steal the chickens and turkeys at night.

Easily Thunderos Fighters are easy to tran only if they are cared and loved for.If there not cared and loved for they hate there owners and don’t listen.Some of these dragons love animals and some dont.

Thunderos Fighters are amazing animals to train and will risk there lives for you.

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