The Trident

The dragons are one of the most rarest and extraordinary species of dragon to exist. What makes this dragon so strange is the fact that it’s an amphibian.

As the name says, they have long, ebony tridents-shaped tails: when in the water the trident produces a bright light to allow the dragon to see in the darkness. A crimson, rubbery set of scales coats the dragon and an extremely large set of emerald-green wings that make the dragon stand out from rest. It can vary from the size of a deer to a whale, however some have been seen to be as minute as a rabbit. Incredibly they have 238 small, always glowing sharp set of teeth, which are used to eat hardened food.

Some Trident eats small fish, tree bark and leaves, while others eat sharks, whole bushes ad fruits. Unlike most dragons, the Tridents have a restricted diet as they cannot eat large pieces of food depending on their size and cannot eat rock solid pieces of food due to their very sensitive teeth. New born tridents tend to eat small leaves and tiny fishes e.g. gold fish, clown fish. They cannot eat raw food, so they heat the food with their fire-breathing ability.

Caves, small holes or anything similar to that, which are near oceans and forests are where Tridents teon.nd to live: some of the dragons that don’t caves nearby burn into grass and soft stone to make a hole or cave. When sleeping it plunges its trident-shaped tail into the ceiling (the ceiling may sometimes collapse on the dragon if it is too heavy).

Over the years these dragons have changed in both shape and size. For example did you know their tails used to be a spherical shape but because they couldn’t hunt or sleep with comfort they tails changed to a trident shape. Only once this dragon has been tamed and that was by Billy Blobs the stupendous, when he found a washed up Trident egg. As the dragon grew older it ate its owner whole. When the winter comes the dragon will dig a hole in the ground and live on body fat until winter is over.

In the end these dragons are incredibly rare, extremely fierce and protective.  Any Viking would be proud to have such a dragon.

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