The Monstrous Nightmare


The Monstrous Nightmare is a wonderful , but very hard dragon to obtain. This particular dragon is extremely rarely spotted by the public.


The Monstrous Nightmare, as it says in its name, is a very dangerous dragon, is about the size of a horse this means it is about medium size for a regular dragon. This amazing species of dragon has tremendously sharp and tough teeth, as well as having an extremely spiky back. The spiky back is for extra protection and to fend off other dragons. These features are on most Monstrous Nightmares. Strangely these dragons have weird, but cool patterns on each wing (this is to help blend in like a Chameleon).


The majority of these majestic dragons, who are very tough, like to live in hot conditions, such as Africa or Australia, but can withstand being in slightly colder conditions for a matter of days. The most of Monstrous Nightmares have a thin layer of skin, so they don’t get overheated (like Dinosaurs).


Chickens, ripe fruit and other dragons are what Monstrous Nightmare love to feast on. Hunting on fields gives them access to live-stock such as chicken, pigs and cows. They find live-stock like this by digging down and finding the maximum heat provided they live there so they can come up to surface at night and kill the animals.


As you can imagine these dragons are extremely ferocious, but wouldn’t you like to know what the most intriguing fact is? I will tell you anyway. This dragon is superbly scary and makes other dragons swoop away in fear of their lives.


The Monstrous Nightmare is an extremely great species and all the Viking warriors are proud and happy to have one.


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