The Beast, which is an extremely, dangerous dragon, is a rare dragon and is a bit sensitive. Furthermore it is a super-fast dragon so it can rarely be spotted in public.

The Beast is the size of a tree, but mostly like the size of a boat (a canoe).Some of its species have scaly backs and have a crown shaped head, so then different dragons know that The Beast is their king. Amazingly, The Beast’s claws are as sharp as knifes, so they can attack predators and get rid of anything that’s in its way. Moreover, The Beast can Change into different colours, so it can camouflage then sneak up on their food. Some dragons (like the beast) don’t breathe fire; others can because they don’t live on snowy islands. The reason why The Beast lives on snowy islands is because they are cold blooded and that makes them used to the freezing, howling wind.

The Beast does have a varied diet like fish and armour. They eat fish because the surface of the island cracks, which leaves the fish and ocean exposed. Some of its species are eats humans; others just eat the armour because if humans are attacking with armour they feel like they are being harmed as well as eating humans. The reason is because if people are about to get them with a net they’ll  think that the people are chew toys.

As well as flying about The Beast is very strong, so it has the power to control itself whenever swirling in a tornado. Furthermore they love swimming because they mostly spend time in the  water  swimming and fishing whenever the islands surface has cracked. Fantastically, whenever its flying about if it would see danger it would swoop down and take the person who is harming and leave a puff of smoke without being noticed.

Now that you have read this report would you recognise The Beast if one came calling? Vikings are proud and them like they are their best prize.

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