non chronological report about dragon olighy



Eventhough this dragon is an increibly rare dragon,but the amazingness is iressitable.

In order to find this stallion visit the night for dark caves,but there not friendly.This name of the dragon is the artic dragon also known as the freezer.

It has sharp,curly,devil like horns,thick grey skin and his eyes are green ,yet they turn red because there a speacias of a devil nightmare and there related.

There diet is on land and sea diet (examples on land) eagles,cows,goats  exe (sea examples) sharks,fish,squid exe.the reason why this stallions is  diet is on land and sea is because the stallion is a land and sea creature.

Abbillity is breating… ice not his fire but ice.also his body is coverd in ice to be aball to go in water in freezing conditions.

A baby freezer is half the size of  the adult freezer but the baby freezer has miniscool horns as well as baby ones has strait horns because of puberty.

Babys diet are not the same the adult freezer because they do not like them also there to big but even there small they dont like them but why is unknown.

This was a non chronological report about the dragon called the freezer,Book from dragonsoligy

By Filip

The most amazing fact is that it breathes ice not fire

Extra info:

The adults diet are ice Berks,cold water,snow that’s not All they also eat land food like meat,trees,grass



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