Kingosaurus / dragonolagy

The  kingsaurus dragon is one of the rearest Dragons in the world and it takes control of other dragons .

the kingosaurus dragon is one of the largest Dragons in the world,it is called kingosaurus because of the weird crown shaped bump on the top of its head, it’s wings are like two mountains and finally it has fierc fiery eyes.

the kingosaurus dragon lives in the most forbidden place ever thunderous mountains , the two mountains are called this because it’s always thundery there. It lives there because no one ever ventures there so it can always sleep.

the kinsgosaurus dragon is a carnivore . It eats humans but it doesn’t really like them but it really likes other dragons that’s hy Dragons are nearly extincted , also it eats trees and hard rocks , it eats trees to clean all the gunk out of its mouth.

the most amazing thing about the dragon is it uses its eyes to hipnotyse other dragons into dieing so it can eat them.

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