Dragonology- The Dino dragon

The Dino dragon

The Dino dragon is monstrous, yet the rarest dragon in the world. Once seen, it would bring bad luck to you and your family.

The Dino dragon is one of the largest dragons in the world: the size of a Baskin dragon. Some have sharp, pointy spikes on their backs and their two front legs. The Dino dragon has very tiny wings and a massive body, so the dragon can hardly fly. All of the dragons have small, fiery eyes, so this makes the dragon a little blind.

The Dino dragon lives on different islands that they have conquered (The ones Vikings lived on). They don’t like living with other dragons, because they need all the space on the island since they are massive. Some Dino dragons live on volcanos (because they breathe fire).

Viking, fish and cows makes up the majority of the Dino dragons diet, but sometimes other dragons. They’ll feast on sheep and pigs 3 times a day, Vikings 2 times a day, cows 1 time(s) a day. Furthermore, the Dino dragon drinks water only, if they drink any other liquid they will probably die!

Amazingly, this monstrous dragon can breathe out and spit out blue fire (Which makes it more effective). Also, it’s amazing to see a dragon that is a dinosaur and to see the destruction it makes, this will make you in awe of this wonderful creature.

Shockingly, this monster is easy to train; it can be very obedient if they don’t get fed. The Dino dragon will always obey ‘King Dragons’ and the last time it was seen by an Anglo-Saxon in 769 AD December 19th.

Because you have read this “Would you recognise a Dino dragon if one came towards you?”

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