Coke and mentoes

                                                        Coke and mentoes.                         Helpfully tips to success 

you will need.                                                                                . make sure that the coke fizzy

                                                                                                          . Don’t shake the bottle of coke                                                                                      

. 1 pack of mentoes.

. 1 bottle of fresh coke

how to do the experiment 

Step 1 first grab your bottle of coke ( which should be fizzy and fresh) next grab 1 packet of mentoes . Step 2 slowly take the lid of your bottle of coke making sure that you don’t shake it before  you use it . then quickly drop in 2 mentoes into your coke and then your experiment should fizz up!

how dose it work

Well now you know how to do it lets see how it works. The carbon dioxide in the coke attracts to the mentoes that creates pressure and makes it blow up .

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