My awesome experiment from meshell

                                   The Floating Egg


                            WHAT YOU WILL NEED:









1. First pour some water into the glass carefully.

2.Drop in 6 spoon fulls of salt.

3.Next pick up the spoon and stir the mixture quickly.

4.Finally put the egg cautiously and watch it float up.


I thought that was it to my experiment when I had a brilliant

idea.Why don’t I try something different?


                                             Method number 2:


1.First pour half the amount of water you poured before into the glass.

2.Secondly put 6 spoon fulls of salt into the glass.

3.Next pour the other half into the glass carefully and cautiously trying not to mix the salt water with the normal water.

4.Finally drop the egg into the cup and watch what it does.


                                        What is happening?

   The first time we tried, we only managed to get it to the

top of the glass instead of the bottom the glass. This time we

managed to make the egg float in the middle!!!!


                        by meshell in 6w!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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