Film canister rocket experiment

You will need:

  • One empty film canister (with a lid)
  • One antacid tablet
  • Water
  • Safety goggles

What to do:

  1. Put on some safety goggles and go outside (if you want to try this indoors do not turn the canister upside down).
  2. Break the antacid tablet in half.
  3. Remove the lid from the film canister and put a teaspoon of water into it.

Do the next 2 steps quickly

4. Drop the tablet into the canister and snap the cap onĀ  (make sure it snaps on tightly)

5. Quickly put the canister on the ground cap side down and step back at lest 2 meters

6. After about 10 seconds the film canister should pop and launch into the air. If it does not go, wait at least 30 seconds before examining it. Usually the cap is not on tight enough and the gas leaked out.

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