Exploding coke


For my science project I got a bottle of coke and put 2 mentos  in it . I watched it and befor I new it … it just exploding at my very eyes and it went all over the place .  when I looked at it the bottle of coke hade not all exploded because there was still half a bottle of coke still left , so I  decided to add 4 more mentos to the bottle and it exploded a lot more and it went higher than the first one . So that means that the more mentos you put in the bigger exploding will be .

If you want to try my explosion then the only things you have to do is get a packet of mentos and a bottle of coke . Add some of the mentos and watch what happens and watch the size of the explosion .  It is very fun but dose make a bit of a mess .

                                                                          BY NICOLE









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