On the 21st of December me, my mum and grandma went to Spain and spent a week with my cousins. On the day that we got there they were so happy to see us that they came running straight to us. The next day when my cousins dad came to our flat he asked us if we wanted churos for breakfast and we said yes and until he came back we stayed in our flat. On that day I had spent a lot of time with my cousins and I had a lot of fun. Everyday I took pictures and sent them to my family so they could see how they were doing. Every morning I would have breakfast and go straight to their flat to play with my cousins. On Friday we went into the centre of town and it had changed since the last time I came which was 2011. Hopefully when I go to Turkey (Istanbul) in July my cousins will come with us. When I was in Spain my mind went straight to memory’s I had from 2007 – 2014.I enjoyed my time in Spain. It was amazing. When I was in Spain I remembered everything me, my auntie, my mum and cousins did in all those years I had been there. I wished she was still in Spain with us.    

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