Happy holidays

“Wake up Amy! Wake up ,wake up , wake up! It’s christmas! Mum said we can go down to open the presants. Come on!”  That’s  my little sister Rose. She loves christmas because she gets to open the presants and the amout sweets she gets. Now that i’m 10, i don’t belive in a strange  man who wears a red coat. I mean how does he go to every single house in the whole world in one night? He can’t be true! Christmas is a celabration of Jesus’s birth, not about a man with elfs as his workers.So we went downstairs to see what presents we got this year.I was nervous to open my gift because I’ve been asking to get a phone for ages. As I lifted the lid of the small, manicure box, I hoped that it was a phone.It was the new iPhone6! I screemed with exitment. Uh oh! Mum and dad woke up!

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