100 world challenge week 15 happy christmas

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Paul and a girl called Charlie.There favourite things to do was drawing,playing with toys,watching TV,but especially there favourite celebration was christmas.One sudden morning they  asked there mum :’could we go christmas shopping?’ Mum nodded.

When they arrived Paul felt a little bit strange.Paul noticed it was just a dream.Mum suggested to go park as the snowy weather is still here so you can go sledging.Making there way ,through the soft thick snow they came across a ginormous christmas tree.The balls were gold,blue,purple and many more.

When they came back from a fun park.There was a knock on the door and they heard a big’HO HO HO’.The kids felt nervous and very exited.The back door was opened.They all went to check what is happening.There was a big,red bag full of presents.With a note MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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