Tunnel of darkness… real version

JACK NO! I heard rose scream.

She was to late as i was already was discovering the mystirous tunnel. Each step was horrorfing as i felt slimy creatures crawling all over me. i tried thumping them ,but more came towards me.

Finally the tunnel came to a end ,so i crept out of the horror trap and headed towards the trees. The trees where eerie as one of them was shaped as a toenail and the others were i shaped weirdly.

As i weaved through the trees i found a grey, ancient portal which was battery operated ,so i connected my old,silver mp3 player and it turned purple.

Instantly a i heard a voice echoing saying IM FREE! i looked at the figure and i saw it was medusa…

I tried screaming ,but she turned me into stiff,grey stone then she said to me “you will live here forever!”. Suddenly i felt a walm hand touching me then i started to melt. I twisted my head whilst i was melting and saw it was Rose my kind and caring sister.

As quick as a flash we sprinted back through the slimy horror trap, through the alley way back home.

Whilst i was sleeping i opened my eyes as i couldn`t go sleep and saw medusa was right in front of me…

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