The tunnel by filip6w

The dark old mysteirious forest.My heart is beating like a loud thunder.Stunned and amazed I saw a humungos forest.I have questions wizzing through my head like how is a forest through a wall?Finally i came across suddenly i looked behindthe tunnel entrance was bricked up,i said to myself i cant do anything about it so i continued exploring. Shoked and stunned suddenly i saw a blue hooded man.

He looked like reaper.His face is coverd in darkness.He began to speak,these are the words he spoke Jack you will leave this dimenshon and will turn to stone.You will turn to stone within a second you will be alone.I said to myself this is the biggest mistake ive ever made i was then perminat stone. Next i felt heat on my back. I began to see, i began to smell.I finally ran back to my home rose was just about to cry and then we go back home,together.

A few days later a noise woke me up it was the entrance to the the tunnel i thensaw a hand creeping out of the tunnel

hi guys i really hope you enjoyed my version of the tunnel please comment on my story ill be making more storys.

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