The gloomy tunnel

once there was a brother and sister called Rose and Jack.we always fight and not play with each other because I like to play football and Rose likes to read books in the corner.we never play with each other. one day our mum  said ”go out for a bit and come back at lunch time and play with each other”because we were arguing.we went to the park.suddenly I said ”stop!” Rose said ”what happen Jack” ”look! I found a gloomy,dark tunnel come lets go inside” ”No! iam  scared”said Rose ”okay I’ll go by my self” I went in the tunnel and I saw a witch with a black hat saying to me ”get out of my tunnel or else I’ll turn you into stone” ”NO! I’ll go out but don’t turn me into stone” OKAY then get out of my tunnel”.BUT the witch still turned me into stone. Rose waited a long time but I didn’t come so Rose dared her self to go in the tunnel because she was worried for me. Rose went in the tunnel and she saw a dark forest.Rose went further in and she found me  turned into STONE.She hugged me and I turned back to my self.Jack said ” I knew you’d come ”. As we came out of the scary  tunnel  we smiled and went back home.When we went back home our mum said ”is everything  alright”we both smiled and from then we played togather and talk to each other.

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