The boy and the dwarves.

NO! jack its to dangerous rose shouted.But it was to late i was all ready going in the soggy,gross tunnel there is rats and evry thing .when i got out of the tunnel there was a small wood as i got closer i could her vocies the more i when the more i got scared i was in the middel of the woods the trees were dark they had branches that loojed like they were going to grab me.

the leavs are dancing around me it was getting scary i started to run ,but there was trees in my way i fell ahahahahah!!!!!!!!

what are you?we are the dwarves family. please dont hurt me i will go back. NO! you cant you mite tell the humans and they will come and pick on us! i wont i never tell lies. we cant take a chance we will turn you in to stone. ye right.i will.ahahahahahhahahhahhahahhahahahahahahhaha!!!!1

jack j….a…c…k…what happend to you? mmmmmmm. im sorry for the things i did to you .WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!!!you will have to be likehim ahahahaha!





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