Mysterious adventure …..

“No jack you musn’t.” Rose yelled .” There could be anything down there goblins , witches , and ghosts ” Rose exclaimed .  I went into the tunnel it was dark , damp and wet .  I could hear the sounds of cratures nearby . They seemed to be all over the tunel. The putrid smell made me pull my t – shirt up to my nose .

I ran to the tunnel escaped from coldeness and darkness . I found myself in a dark , gloomy and alarming forest . Thousands of questions swam rapidly through my mind baffling after each one . My heart thumping ten times quicker than normal . I felt as if 1000 of eyes crept upoon. The dark trees streched out into a endless dark canopy . Ants crushed under my feet . Fire whispering and chattering to the wind .

All of a sudden , I heard footsteps wallking heavily towards me . What was this ? Where did it come from ? How did it come ? My heart was thumping even faster , I knew I should have listen to Rose she always is  right . Well mostly . The unknown dark figure cam closer and the shadow grew bigger .

This thing or i dont know whatever it was but it grabbed my shoulder . It said ‘you shall not go home you will tell everyone ‘ .

I replied no sir i won’t I promise i won’t . I stammered . I could smell something , it was rose’s perfume the one mum bought her for christmas . I hope she came to save me .

Rose and I ran through the forest and crawled through the tunnel and back home.

The next day we were in school in assembly  . I recgonized the figure on my headteacher’s hood , it was the figure from the forest ….. what happens next ?


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