Mysterious land rising of the dead

As me and rose were walking, we saw a tunnel rose said”Jack please dont go you will get lost,who will save you?” So i entered the tunnel,like a up cheetah.

I had came out and ended up at a forest.I was scared:i didnt know what to do.Suddenly i heard a footstep behind me why as he here? When ever i looked behind he was gone the dark figure vanished i didnt know what to do oh no…………. who grabbed me, who will save me? Bang the trees tried to grab me. The snow was white,but solid. He or she really scared me. What will happen now?

THEN…………….. the dark figure appeared in front of me  and turned me in a statue tan ta ta!!!!! no one comes no one leaves.

Then Rose came like a dog and hugged me  the she walked the i came back alive  then i came back alive bang! i fell then i came back alive.

suddenly i recognized the person who was it.

then we got home, never told mom anything about it then the person came with a………. it was covered in blood then……

the end

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