The creature at the end of the tunnel!!!!

As I came to the end of the tunnel I could see a forest.The trees were domanaiting witch made the forest dark.As I wondered around the forest I suddenly heard some tense footsteps.They were coming closerThat made my walk faster then I broke into a sudden run.My heart was thumpng as fast as a cheetah.
I stopped running.
Why had the footsteps stops?
what was behind me?

I turned around.I saw a mysterious black figure.
It came closer.Then I saw that the figure was green!!!
I thought.What was it?
It was a gremlin!!!
I took a couple of steps back.Then I turned around and ran for my life!!

Suddenly I noticed that I couldn’t move!
what happened?
why can’t I move?
I heard a voice.

It screeched “I have turned you into rock hard stone!you will never leave this forest!ever!

I felt a shiver go down the back of my spine.
Just when all hopes were lost I thought I could smell the perfume that rose was wearing this morning……..

To be continued………

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