Combining iMovie and Garage Band – App smashing

Our children enjoy using iMovie and Garage Band and have produced excellent videos, trailers and music.

This time, we wanted to combine the two to create a performance of the poem, In Flanders Fields, as part of our topic. The children had to select images for each line of the poem. They then had to record each line of the poem and were asked to make the decision of how they wanted to do that. Some decided to alternate lines, some decided to alternate stanzas and others decided that on certain lines they would both say it.

When the children entered each image into the iMovie video, they then had to adjust the length that the image would be on the screen with how long the line of the poem that it was matched with took to say. There was a lot of careful consideration over what image would be appropriate for each line of the poem.

To add more professionalism to the final video, the children then had to create an appropriate soundtrack using Garage Band. Here, they investigated different instruments to see which ones could add to the effect of Remembrance. They then tried to create soundtracks using different autoplays and when they found the effect they were looking for, sent it to iMovie and inserted it into their movie.

Finally they had to adjust the volume percentages of both the audio recordings and the soundtrack, so that the voices were clearly heard with the soundtrack in the background, rather than competing with each other.

The children were very proud of their work and were delighted with how effective they were.

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