Using Touchcast

Touchcast is a great app that combines the use of green screen technology with teleprompts and vApps (Add ons that allow the viewer to link to other images, etc. whilst watching the main video).

In this instance, we didn’t use the vApps, but have done in the past because they help to add further detail to the video with additional images or websites. the viewer can select which they want as the main image and which as the in-screen image, making it fully interactive.

In my opinion, one of the best features of Touchcast is the teleprompt. So many videos in the past have involved the children either holding their books and reading from it or looking down at what they are going to say from a whiteboard. With the teleprompt, the children can type in what they say and it scrolls down on the iPad screen at a speed that follows their speech. This therefore results in them constantly looking at the camera, producing a much improved video.

In our topic, learning about World War One, we looked at the incredible person, Edith Cavell. She was a truly remarkable woman, who stood up for her beliefs even when she knew that she would have to sacrifice her life to do so.

In these Touchcast videos, Yunis takes on the role of Edith Cavell and Nathan describes her life.


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