Book Creator

In our school, we love using Book Creator. It is so easy to use and the results are amazing. It has been used a lot in English and Topic, where the children can make their learning come alive.

I’ve also found it to be excellent for EAL children, where they can take photographs of different things around school and then create a written description of each as well as recording themselves saying their sentences out loud. Again, in this way, the children’s learning becomes more real and their enthusiasm and eagerness increases.

However, our class have recently tried it to write up an entire science experiment. It worked extremely well. Using the audio feature meant that all of the children could share their individual ideas of what would happen, in a short space of time, with all ideas in one 1

The children then used the camera feature and took photos of the apparatus that they were going to use.

photo 2

Rather than attempting to record their results in some way, the children could record the experiment taking place, using the video feature, so that the results were clear and visible for themselves and the reader.

photo 3

Finally, when the children were trying to explain their results, they were able to use the pen tool to support their ideas with diagrams.

photo 4

The engagement and enthusiasm throughout, not only ensured the children were constantly on task, but that more in-depth learning could take place as well.


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