Using games to enthuse and inspire in Maths

We were working on different averages: mean, median, mode and range. Usually the children have sets of numbers and show their learning by finding the different averages. This time I wanted them to prove that they were improving at the game Memory Block using averages.

They played the game 5 times, writing down their score each time. Then, they worked out the different averages. This process was then repeated another two times, giving them three sets of averages, so that they could compare the data.

There was some great debating beforehand, with the children saying what they think would happen – lots of different opinions, especially over what would happen to the range. Plenty of discussion after to say how the averages proved whether they had improved or not.

The children definitely saw a purpose to calculating average, in a way that I haven’t seen before and lots of enthusiastic learning taking place. Their understanding of each one was also at a deeper level. The children wanted to work it out to play again and see if they could improve, resulting in an amazing amount being completed in one lesson! The children kept saying that it was the most fun Maths lesson that they had ever had.

Enthusiastic, independent and innovative learning that we’ll definitely be repeating in similar ways again.

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