100 Word Challenge week 12

Good evening and welcome back to the Night Zoo. You join us here in dark times I am afraid. The evil Lord of Nulth has declared war on imagination and his reign of terror is in danger of destroying the Night Zoo and creativity once and for all.

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The Night Zoo needs your help! Your first task is to watch and listen carefully to this short story about the Lord of Nulth.

Now complete the story by writing 100 words, beginning with:

He was shocked to find…

Tips: Remember to describe what is in the sack and explain what happens to the Lord of Nulth and his guards after he opens it.

Good luck young zookeepers!

One lucky writer will win a Night Zookeeper Fan Club membership pack delivered to their school. Five showcase winners will also receive a special surprise for their wonderful writing this week! 


Notes for students and teachers

Night Zookeeper have just launched a brand new creative game!

Join thousands of other creative young people on nightzookeeper.com to invent more magical animals and write stories about their adventures.

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For more information about Night Zookeeper, use the following:

Email: paul@nightzookeeper.com

Twitter: nightzookeeper

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