Snow leopard fact file homework

The snow leopard is a relative of the cat family which is normally found in mountainous alpine and subalpine (3000-4500m ) areas of central and south parts of Asia. It’s underneath the extinction heading on the red list of threatened species with 4080-6590 still surviving on earth. They are smaller than other large cats averagely weighing 27-55 kg.

What it looks like

The snow leopard is a large cat with long thick hair which varies in colours to a cloudy grey and a yellowish tan. Their eyes are a pale green or a greyish colour. They have a short muzzle and a domed forehead, they also have unusually large nasal cavities, so they can breathe in thin air.

Hunting and diets

They are omnivores and like many cats they eat whatever meat the can find. They also eat quite a lot of vegetation including grass and twigs. Up in the mountains some of the only animals you can eat are hares and birds, but they also are capable of eating animals 3x the size of themselves.

Ways to prevent the extinction of the snow leopards

You can donate money to companies that help save the snow leopards. If you waste paper trees will be chopped down and no home for snow leopards. If you litter there will be so many landfill sites so no home for snow leopards and now you know about these extraordinary animals you know how to protect them. Please find a place in your heart for these brilliant animals.

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