The war was a very horrific thing that happened in 1914 to 1918 . It had two reason as to why it started . It lasted for four years and has a great effect on the country .

It started due to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand who was a important man in Austria . He was  assanited from a Serbian man . Due to this ,Austria declared war on Serbia and at this time countries had alliances and Britain had a alliance with Belgium . Germany declared war on Belgium and Britain said ‘ if you do not back down by 11 o clock we will declare war. Germany refused Britain , so Britain declared war . This made British men sign up .


Soilders in world war one were in very poor conditions  and had to live in trenches . The trenches were dirty as they had rats , wood lice and many other gruesome things . They had to sleep in this , neither did they have nutrious food instead they had canned food .

The trenches were very dirty and was almost like a mud bath . For a soilder’ s life in the trenches meant fear of attack . The open land between two sets of opposing ( opposite )  became known as ,no man ‘s land because this where they were likely to get hit or injured.

The war is hundred years from now . we remember the soilders by wearing red poppies and on the eleventh month , eleventh day at 11 o clock we sit in silence and reflect back on the war and remember these soilders. It is important to remember them : they fought for our country .


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